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When planning a party or event, one has to pay a lot of attention to the food and beverages that the guests are going to indulge in. This is because what the guests will be consuming plays a significant role in the success of an event or party. Food has the potential to make any event memorable, even when other parts of the event are not that good. It always makes sense to hire a caterer to make your event fantastic, instead of doing everything on your own. When hiring a caterer, one thing that needs attention is the amount of money one has to pay. One very common way of calculating price is doing an average cost per person. This helps calculate the total cost of catering to the event in an efficient manner.


If working on a very tight budget, one may not have the money to hire a large catering team that will offer innumerable food and beverages options at the event. In such cases, all that you can do is consider having a food truck at the event. You can pay for the food truck and its owners will prepare food in advance. You don’t need to get a lot of done, you can have them prepare light snacks such as sandwiches, burgers, pastries, bites, and salads. Such options are excellent when offered at a brunch. When you decide to hire a food truck, you can expect the price starting at 1000 per person. This average cost per person is great, bearing in mind that it also covers the food truck, operation fees, and other miscellaneous costs.


Another option is to have buffet catering. Buffet catering comes at a much higher cost than a food truck. Buffet catering comes in different categories and one of the lowest budgets is the drop-off buffet. If you decide to go with this option, the food will be prepared at another location and then delivered at the event. If you want to save money, you can set up the tables yourself, that’s the only thing needed, after that, the guests can self-serve. Depending on the kind of event or party and the catering demands one has, the price would start at Rs 1600 per person. The higher cost comes because a more premium experience is offered, as a buffet provides your guests with a lot of options in regards to the foods they would like to eat at the event.


If you are looking to offer the guests with elite services, you can achieve that by requesting your caterer to provide more expensive foods and beverages to your guests. The guests can be served with starters, main courses, and desserts. In addition to this, you can have your caterer set up the tables, and bring dinner rolls, napkins, silverware, tents, lighting, décor, and tablecloths for your guests. In such a situation, your starting point should be Rs 1800 per person for catering. Such full-service catering is an ideal choice for a wedding or corporate dinner party.

The average cost per person for catering that you need to pay for completely depends on the things that you are looking to achieve with your event and your budget. If you do not have enough funds to work with, you can always choose to hire a food truck. However, if you have some extra budget to work with, you can have a buffet at your event or party. This way, you will be in a position to give the guests a great experience without spending a lot of money. Nevertheless, if you want to give the very best experience, choose for full-service catering.

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