Uttarakhandi Pulao

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Uttarakhandi Pulao – flavorful masala vegetable pulao recipe spiced with spice powders. It can be perfect as a lunch box with raita.You will love this  Uttarakhandi Pulao , which makes a perfect main course addition to a vegetarian dinner party.

Rice is a cherished ingredient in India, which is used extensively across various regional cuisines. Be it savoury or sweet, an accompaniment or main, it finds its way to the dinner table in more ways than one. With so many varieties easily available in the markets, each unique in shape, size, smell and flavour, it is a great ingredient to play around with in the kitchen to create lip-smacking treats.

In North India, aromatic biryanis and pulaos prepared usually from long-grained Basmati rice are the highlight of most special occasions. You will also find home cooks sautéing the rice with different vegetables and greens for easy yet immensely satisfying dishes to delight the taste buds.

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