Top Wedding Trends To Watch Out For

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In the past 5 years, fabulous looking food has become a way of life. Food must be Instagram-worthy. Period. Well, that’s the testimony for how much brilliant it looks and tastes too! Breathe new life into your wedding with the top wedding food trends of 2021 brought to you by the top wedding caterers in Delhi.


The Rise of DIY

Gone are the days when guests were just there to enjoy the beautiful sights and wonderful food. Today’s weddings are more about interactive spaces And no, we are not talking about the dance floors. There has been an increase in a more hands-on approach, such as bubble bars, mimosa bars or when it comes to food you will find Do IT Yourself chat stalls, salad bars or BBQ & kebab spots as well! This trend grows lovable by the minute as it truly gets your guests involved in the wedding and we think this trend will continue to grow into 2021.


Large Out; Minis In! 

Wedding cake seeped into the Indian wedding scene in the past decade but now that has given way to serving mini desserts at weddings. The Famous Halwai is one among the famous wedding catering services in Delhi well known for dessert buffet for both grand and simpler weddings. It is a perfect choice to share amongst you and your loved one, or if you just want to cater to all your guests’ tastes.


Vroom comes the Food Truck!

Being the best food catering services in Delhi we bring you some amazing and delicious food trucks. They are a sight to behold, literally crowd attracting because of the extremely economical option, and not to forget – the foodstuffs are easy to eat and access. Now no worries about getting peckish or laying it a little low for partying!  A wide variety of cuisines can keep all your guests satisfied and guarantees tons of fun. We have various food units available to make your special day even better.


Keep Calm and Eat Right

Weddings have always been associated with mega feasts and filled up to the throat kind of multiple course meals since time immemorial. Well, not anymore! People are becoming more health-conscious and going for organic diets. The wedding atmosphere in the current era is all about being laid-back and relaxed. To reflect this atmosphere, there has been a rise of small bites, tapas meals, passed plates or even a “family-style” meal. Get to know better about what type of catering clicks best at weddings from the best wedding catering company in Delhi.




Colour is a crucial element now more than ever, at wedding celebrations. Some choose to go monochromatic when it comes to attires of couples, parents and close relatives. The colour coordination is prominent generally wedding linens, flowers and wedding party attire—so why not in planning the menu? Our expert panel of chefs has unique ways to infuse colour into food to match the couple’s signature hues. For instance, if the couple goes for wine red attires – then the wedding cuisines would have red, maroon, burgundy shaded fruits and vegetables infused in them.


Go for an exciting fusion of traditional and contemporary with your wedding celebrations by collaborating with the No.1 wedding caterers in Delhi – The Famous Halwai.

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