Top 5 Food Festivals in India

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Top 5 Food Festivals in India

If you’ve been searching for the Foodies’ Paradise then ‘The Famous Halwai’ brings you the right direction board. Go ahead and charge! We bring the Top 5 Food Festivals in India for you happy and healthy tummy!

National Street Food Festival

Delhi is not just the National Capital but a super-duper National Food Capital of India as well. The diverse culture and population of this vivacious city paves way for a wide variety of cuisines explored as a part of top-notch food festivals as well. The National Street Food Festival is an annual event that is held at India Gate. Don’t forget to hog on chaat, momos or the spicy chole kulcha! The National Street Food Festival brings much-loved street delicacies from different regions of India to one place during December to January.

The Grub Fest

This is a tri-city event where foodies throng at New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai for a perfectly enthralling assemblage of food, fun and entertainment. If you love to cook – attend culinary workshops. If you love to shop – hit the organic food market, and if you live to eat –  well, the stalls are just for you! Apart from music performances and a host of popular restaurants, the festival also has a special arena for mini-food trucks called the Grub Mile.  Come March, and everything is literally about food here!

Sattvik Food Festival

For vegetarian food lovers, this food festival organised by the NGO Sristi for the past fourteen years is a hotspot. Give your taste buds a sumptuous treat with popular specialities include oats tikki chaat, makai na paania, soya cutlets,spinach roll, beetroot halwa, dates biscuits, pineapple jalebi, tomato halwa, aloe vera pickle, red bhindi juice and organic soya paneer. The Sattvik Food Festival usually takes place at the AES ground, Ahmedabad during December.

Bengaluru Food Fete

One of the vibrant and happening city’s in India has always attracted food connoisseurs from all over the country to its Bengaluru Food Fete. And why not?! It is more than just good food! Right from live music, merriment, dancing, stand-up comedy- there is something for everyone. It is also a renowned platform for home cooks and bakers to showcase their dishes!


Top 5 Food Festivals in India is incomplete without the Seven Sister States! Try your hand, feat your eyes and challenge your taste buds to the authentic novel cuisines from North East at The Mei- Ramew. Organised by the North-East Slow Food and Agrobiodiversity Society, it puts local flavours of Meghalaya on the map. Check out Jadoh Rice, Pumaloi, and Bamboo Shoots here, as well as some fresh local produce that the farmers sell!

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