Tips to prepare tasty dishes this Holi!

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Tips to prepare tasty dishes this Holi!

Traditional Indian festivals are all about happiness, delicious food and inviting friends and family over. Since Holi is just around the corner, it is needless to mention that you must be excited about serving your family and friends with delicious dishes. Well, if you plan strategically, you still have a lot of time to prepare mouth-watering dishes beforehand, so that it is all prepared when the guests start coming in! Take a look at these lovely recipes you can prepare and serve this Holi:

  1. Gujiya: Well, Gujiyas  are the obvious synonyms of Holi. Prepare these crispy pastries filled with sweet khoya and dry fruits that just melt into your mouth. Holi is incomplete without gujiyas , so the tip from us here is to add a good quantity of ghee while making the flour dough. This is going to make your gujiyas  softer and yummier.
  2. Bhang Thandai: Holi and bhang go hand in hand. Make your Holi more fun by adding organic herb to your thandai which is going to help you and your guests let loose. The tip here is to not have it too much, you might not wake up the next day! Also, add a little bit of cinnamon to improve the taste.
  3. Dhuska: Dhuska is a popular Holi snack, usually served in Bihar and Jharkhand. It is prepared out of rice flour and chana dal, and is super healthy. Serve it hot with green and red chutneys and your guests are going to complement you right and left.
  4. Dahi Wada: Another popular Holi dish is Dahi Wadas. Prepared out of soaked urad dal, these spongy balls taste heavenly with curd, chutneys, and chaat masala. The tip is to serve them cold. Prepare these beforehand and set them in the fridge.

These simple dishes are quite versatile and loved by all. While preparing them, do keep in mind the tips to prepare these tasty holi dishes mentioned above. However, if you are planning to get dishes catered, The Famous Halwai is here for you. The Famous Halwai is the best catering company in NCR that prepares goodness in health and taste. The brand is renowned for its unmatchable taste and quality of ingredients. Hire them today to make your Holi even holier!

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