Put on that party cap and become that amazing host!

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Put on that party cap and become that amazing host!

Are you someone who loves to host parties and friends’ get-togethers at your place? Do you love serving people delicious food and let them have a good time? Also, do you love the compliments pouring in on your extraordinary hosting skills? If yes, then my friend, this blog is a must-read for you. Since the holiday season is always on, let us discuss 5 Holiday Party Catering ideas you can implement in your next party.

  1. Barbeque: Set that barbeque ablaze to serve your guests with delicious starters and main course. You can use a barbeque to serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. You could grill up mouth-watering tikkis for and bun them up into burgers or use vegetables, panner, chicken. And much more for juicy and crispy bites. This is an option loved by everyone and you could customize it according to your guests.
  2. Indian Delicacies: You can get a multi-mix menu from different states or go with a thematic state for this one. For instance, themes like Rajasthani, South Indian, Mughalai, and so on. It is always convenient to get these prepared in bulk. Serve hot Indian spicy dishes and pair them with the country’s famous desserts.
  3. High Tea: If you want a rather sophisticated event, then High Tea Menu would be the best option. Stand out by serving beverages with fresh sandwiches, salads, pastries, scones, etc. High is best if you are planning a rather short event such as a birthday party or a formal event.
  4. Continental: Indians are in love with continental food. Be it Italian, English, or American, we adore an international taste. Organize a menu with delectable pizzas, pastas, burgers, wraps, and much more. Your guests are definitely going to love this!
  5. Theme based lunch: This is a very customized option for a closed gathering. You can choose between options like serving traditionally cooked saag-makke ki roti served with lassi, gud, etc, or go with a conventional turkey dinner. However, you have to make sure that all your guests favor the menu options you’ve planned.

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