Outdoor Catering Ideas to Take Outside Events to the Next level

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Outdoor Catering Ideas to Take Outside Events to the Next level

2021 is just around the corner! Homes and companies alike are gearing up to entertain their guests with experiences that are soothing as well as memorable; to let bygones be bygones and instil hope and endurance for the good times yet to come. If you’re a person looking forward to throwing an outdoor party or event, then here are some interesting and valuable Outdoor Catering Ideas to Take Outside Events to the Next level!

Make sure you got requisite Permits

Every outdoor event has to grow through some amount of paperwork. If you are having a party at your own home (or office) that has a terrace or a patio or a lawn or a vast verandah, then no problems. If not, then you must know of the zoning ordinances that differentiate between commercial and residential spaces. Locations like an empty street or building, parking lots, public parks or even recreational spaces have certain restrictions, policies and guidelines to follow. Make sure you have the requisite approvals and permits from the health, fire and other official departments respectively.

Get Creative

Innovation, style and fun are not just limited to food presentation, 2021 will also see a lot of creative ways in which food would be served, especially, at outdoor events. Post pandemic scenario is already seeing plated meals turning into pause-on tray-passed meals by masked attendants maintaining adequate social distancing. Another interesting addition is interactive but hygienic and safe ‘themed-experienced stations’ handled by expert chefs. This may range from Oriental South-East Asian to Mediterranean cuisines to 80’s style Hollywood or even Vegan bonanza. The Internet of Things is already making its presence felt by enthralling guests with ‘Contactless’ beverage and snacks bars with AI-augmented apps or Baristas. Vertical foods are quite a rage and enliven any outdoor event. So do buffet delicacies served on a conveyor belt. There! You offer a  smart yet memorable catering experience by maximizing your space along with an increased food selection!

Novel Food Ideas

Food Trucks are a major attraction point in any outdoor event nowadays and this is all set to continue in 2021 as well! You can style it in any way you want experimenting with themes, timelines or even cuisines. You could be serving fruit-based mocktails, finger-sized middle-eastern delicacies, dessert pops, Chinese hot and spicy snacks etc. Your guests not just get to directly interact with the chefs but see the entire cooking process from start to end. Not to miss out, creatively presented food on trucks also make Instagram-worthy pics! Sumptuous gelato flattened and served in cylinders with a variety of topping such as fruits, dry fruits, syrups make great stir-fried icecreams. You can never go wrong with spicy and tangy Spaghetti Meatballs, be it formal or casual events. The growing popularity of sushi as a healthy vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives is evident from their rainbow-like presentations at every major events.

Being the top catering company in India, we are well aware of the trending Outdoor Catering Ideas to Take Outside Events to the Next level. Hope you got great insight. For hygienic processing, affordable rates, delicious food and immaculate service get in touch with us at The Famous Halwai.

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