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Best Caterers in Delhi for Wedding and Birthday Party Catering is an important part of any social or official event. Come weddings or birthdays and everyone around you is asking “So, what’s special?” We at The Famous Halwai would hate to see you getting nervous and worried at that very
How Do I Choose A Catering Service? Food is an important and undeniable feature at any event, be it at home, office, resort or even a community hall. Everything comes right down to choosing the right caterer. One wrong move and the whole food catering process may drown into chaos!
In the past 5 years, fabulous looking food has become a way of life. Food must be Instagram-worthy. Period. Well, that’s the testimony for how much brilliant it looks and tastes too! Breathe new life into your wedding with the top wedding food trends of 2021 brought to you by
Ideas and Tips for Small Party Everyone is in a jolly good mood, as the Unlock season is implemented in phases. Gyms and weekly markets have restarted, upclose,  eateries, restaurants, food outlets and apps are also looking forward to resume services. Its time to open your doors and welcome your

2021 Catering Trends

2021 Catering Trends The current scenario, changing outlooks and experimentative approaches inspire catering trends and food habits in events. Being one of the best catering services in Delhi,  top wedding catering services in Delhi and the leading corporate catering services in Delhi, we have attempted to compile the most popular

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