Ideas and Tips for Small Party

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Ideas and Tips for Small Party

Everyone is in a jolly good mood, as the Unlock season is implemented in phases. Gyms and weekly markets have restarted, upclose,  eateries, restaurants, food outlets and apps are also looking forward to resume services. Its time to open your doors and welcome your loved ones & guests for a small party. After all what better reason is there to celebrate this year?

It may seem simple, but conducting a small house party is far from easy. You plan a dozen of things – theme, menu, guest list, entertainment, return gifts, décor, and plenty more; only to see it go haywire! This is where The Famous Halwai –  small party caterers in Delhi, step in. Trust us, and all you have to do is keep calm, poised, and be that graceful host you’ve always been! We ensure that the party runs smoothly.

Let this intimate gathering with necessary hygiene and safety precautions provide a breather for all souls close to you. Everyone has been greatly affected by the global pandemic and this is the perfect opportunity to toast towards the good times round the corner! Plan the perfect house party with the top caterers in Delhi – The Famous Halwai. Here are some tips and ideas to  make your intimate gathering, a memorable one:

 Menu Curation

Food is the focal point at any party. You want to make sure that you’ve got food that arouses everyones interest, and hunger of course, while not going overboard with too many food items. Being the best home caterers in Delhi, we help you plan a hitlist menu which is reminiscent of good food and good times. We make sure the menu satisfies a trillion and more taste buds.

Bring in Diversity

Never limit your menu to a single cuisine. To suit all tastes it is wise & best to provide a great variety of tastes. We always bring in some delectable South Indian dishes, some staple North Indian snacks,  mix and match it up with Continental and Chinese.

Food Types

Your intimate gathering means satisfying the hungry bellies of your guests. Be sure to include comfort foods along wit adventurous as well as healthy alternatives. We are leading small party caterers in Delhi who are experts in vegan cuisines, desi snacks and personally curated menu specialities.

he menu should be a mix of adventurous foods and comfort foods. It should be a combination of some classics and few new varieties to try out for. Having a lot of new dishes on the menu can’t satisfy the hungry bellies of your guests.

Outsourcing the food preparation to trusted home caterers in Delhi lifts a huge burden off your shoulders. No need to worry and slog it out in the kitchen. Just focus on other preparations,  enjoy the party and gracefully don the role of a wonderful host! The Famous Halwai caters to events of all sizes and purposes, be it domestic or official. We offers you customized services to meet your requirements. We are immensely proud of our professional culinary experts that enable us to offer a wide variety of cuisines – Indian (North Indian, South Indian, Punjabi, Andhra, Konkani, Goan,etc.), Continental, Chinese, Indo-Chinese, American, Italian and more. We also follow stringent hygiene and safety measures as prescribed by WHO right from preparation to delivery. Contact the top caterers in Delhi today.

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