How Do I Choose A Catering Service?

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How Do I Choose A Catering Service?

Food is an important and undeniable feature at any event, be it at home, office, resort or even a community hall. Everything comes right down to choosing the right caterer. One wrong move and the whole food catering process may drown into chaos! Come on, how many times have we been part of conversations where people criticized the taste or catering personnel not being friendly or efficient or the whole of catering being messed up?

We are very particular about providing quality catering services in Delhi. While choosing the best catering company in Delhi you must not feel disappointment or regrets later. So here’s a blog that helps you choose the best food catering services in Delhi  –

An ideal catering company must have the following attributes:

Responsiveness – Your initial conversations with the catering company is the best indicator of how responsive they are. The caterers must be concerned about meeting the customers’ needs and requirements. They may be catering the best-tasting food made with the freshest ingredients at the most competitive price. But do they possess the rare quality minimal turn around time when it comes to returning calls and emails?  Are they open to critiques and new ideas? If they are passionate and involved in making your event a grand success, much more than you are, you have found The One!

We are the best catering company in Delhi who ensure that customers are pleased with both our products and services. Amazing food, overall affordability and friendly services await you!

Versatility & Efficiency – The best catering services will be able to handle any type of event held in any type of place. This is because many catering companies we are built to service different markets more effectively than others. This being said, even a caterer with a great reputation may not be the best fit for your event! So when interviewing caterers, discuss elaborately, ask as many questions as you can; at least 3 caterers must be a part of your list. We have often come across clients who realised that some caterers were actually ’boutique’ and specialized in smaller intimate-type social events while others were experts in serving large corporate and non-profit clients. A wise tip is to be clear and specific about the type of event you are planning and the type of food and/or presentation you are expecting.

The Famous Halwai is synonymous with versatile and efficient food catering We are interested in learning about your event, your theme, purpose, budget and goals. Right from corporate events to house parties to outdoor celebrations we are the No.1 Food catering company in Delhi.

Menu Flexibility – Numerous catering agencies have standard menus and packages to choose from. But the ideal catering company has in-built flexibility to customize and curate their menus according to clients needs and requirements. Being the leading catering agency in Delhi, we are always more than willing to work with items of special significance to the style or theme of your event. We are well-renowned for our systematic process in this regard which includes revising menu proposals, attend tastings to finalize each dish’s flavours,  perfect the portions and presentation to compliment or amplify our event design and our client’s theme. Get ready for an amazing fare that matches even more specific theme and dietary needs with the best catering services in Delhi.

Proficient Staff – Well, this does not exactly mean the length of time a catering company has served in the market as it does not necessarily translate into great and tasty cuisine. The Chef, kitchen staff, butlers and servers should enjoy their work wholeheartedly. They must be able to elegantly and expertly surprise and delight your guests by delivering beautiful, tasty and adventurous food. So definitely ask about the chef’s bona fides and signatory dishes,  sous chef and kitchen staff specialities while interviewing the caterers. If they deliver great service that compliments your event theme, you’ve got yourself a deal!

Choose The Famous Halwai for the best wedding catering services in Delhi. Planning a small house party with family members or a kitty party with your favourite female gang? Go for the No.1 small party caterers in Delhi. Quality and affordability go hand in hand with this leading catering company in Delhi.

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