Corporate Catering – Top 5 Ways to Stay Under A Budget

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Corporate Catering – Top 5 Ways to Stay Under A Budget

One of the trickiest things in a corporate event is to fill people’s tummy with great food and fill their faces with a smile. This is because sometimes it can be too hard to reach on a consensus when it comes to good food. And when you’re on a stringent budget, the woes just seem to increase!

Forget your worries with the top catering service company in India – The Famous Halwai. Here are some valuable tips for Corporate Catering – Top 5 Ways to Stay Under A Budget!

Know Your Budget – Any organization or company allocates a fixed budget or a threshold of expenditure for a corporate event. Do your research well and get to know about the basic costs of the delicacies and items you’re planning on having for the event. This will not just help you stay on track but prevent unnecessary extra expenses or hidden costs altogether as well.

Ditch The Formals – Get your team to agree with informal and casual set up. After all, isn’t it a great respite to relax your senses and muscles altogether? Reduce your overall costs by choosing a buffet system. Simple dishes with healthy ingredients is so much better than the ones demanding unique condiments. Moreover, going for a professional look with elegantly designed menus, sophisticated themes and classy linens is going to cost you more than your budget. A cost-effective causal budget is the best choice any day.

Catering Experience – For those of you who are wondering what’s work experience got to do with the low-cost budget, it is the most important thing! An ideal caterer with suitable experience will have the requisite flexibility and efficacy to handle small-scale informal events. Meanwhile, novice companies would fumble with almost everything right from procurement to cooking and serving resulting in greater mishaps and costs to compensate the same. You are looking for a catering company that will make the whole catering process easy and affable and will have guests leaving with satisfaction.

Minimize It – Bite-sized snacks, hors d’oeuvres, finger-shaped appetizers are a rage in today’s events. Lesser ingredients, lesser turn around time and even lesser rates. What’s more? One can plan a rainbow platter of cuisines, classified into a vegetarian, non-vegetarian and even vegan columns which cater to a wide range of taste-buds. Make your guests happy and fulfilled.

Health Is Wealth – Nowadays people are much more health-conscious they ever were, thanks to the global pandemic and various awareness drives on a healthy lifestyle. Vegan preparations are becoming increasingly popular, followed by fruit-based smoothies, cocktails, yoghurt etc. Vegetable juices and veggie-based hors d’oeuvres are a great addition to corporate events.

Hope you found this an insightful read. Get in touch with the best catering services in India for more details.

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