Catering Services To Suit Your Needs

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Catering Services To Suit Your Needs

You might be attending your company’s annual meeting to discuss how the year passed by and how the next year should be, in case of growth and performance. Or you could be letting your hair down at a friend’s or your birthday bash.  What’s the most important thing that connects the former two events? Food catering, of course! The next time you’re planning a patio dinner for a ladies night or a surprise anniversary party for a loved one, go for the Best Catering Services To Suit Your Needs. Just say (and call) the magic words – The Famous Halwai.

We are a leading catering services company in India who can whip the most delicious dishes for the following kind of events –


Birthdays, housewarming, bachelor party, anniversaries or retirement parties to big backyard BBQs, The Famous Halwai knows very well how to spruce things up. Not to leave out weddings. As the best catering company in India, we are well aware that social events cover a wide range of events. And we match it up with a mosaic of cuisines and mouth-watering delicacies.


Many events pertain to a specific season, for instance, Autumn or Spring food fests. Then there are National celebrations, major sporting events, cultural events etc. There will foodies, and there will be food catering. Period. If you’re a part of the organising committee, and a pro at that – you might as well get in touch with a leading caterer that provides Catering Services To Suit Your Needs. Right from snack carts, to kiosks to hamburger, ice cream and chilli stands, we know how to handle the crowd!


Let’s face it – Corporate events never really go the way we want. It is a time where one is most stressed, anxious, sceptic even sometimes, about the ongoing discussions, relentless strategies and plans, matters affecting the company. It is nowhere near a smooth walk. Such events need beverages, snacks and meals that stimulate the happy hormones within. Right from meals and snacks that are organic, vegan, less on calories to fruit & vegetable-based drinks, we’re on it!

Food Truck Catering

This is one of the most exciting innovations brought up in recent years. Guests always love a bit of interaction and many people are fond of watching how foodstuffs are being prepared. Food trucks are the most cost-effective way to cater to your guests need.  Food prepared is usually light like pizza pockets, khati roll minis, mini dosa and micro idlis, pita pockets and hummus, etc. Food trucks have now evolved into providing juices, popsicles for children, kebab stands, salad corners etc.

So you see, we are adept to take charge of any kind of formal or social event. We also follow stringent measures for food safety, handling and delivery.  Get in touch with the top Catering Services To Suit Your Needs.


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