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India is a country for sweets and desserts, a place where desserts after dinner or lunch, are a must and make the meal complete. Desserts or sweets are the cherry topping of Indian culture. Be it a festival, a birthday or any other occasion worth celebrating, desserts and sweets will be the […]

Tutti Frooti

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Tutti Frooti is a colorful confectionery containing various chopped and usually candied fruits, or an artificial or natural flavouring simulating the combined flavour of many different fruits.Fresh, fruity, a perfect tutti and is exactly like the gum flavour. This vape has a sweet fizzy taste. A fun mix of multiple candied fruit flavors. […]

Kiwi juice

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But simple is the way to go, with this easy & attractive Kiwi juice , you get all the fruity goodness, visual appeal and incredible taste.Sweet and tangy, cool and delicious. Juice is a liquid that is naturally contained in fruit and .vegetables. It can also refer to liquids that are […]