Best Caterers in Delhi for Wedding and Birthday Party

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Best Caterers in Delhi for Wedding and Birthday Party

Catering is an important part of any social or official event. Come weddings or birthdays and everyone around you is asking “So, what’s special?” We at The Famous Halwai would hate to see you getting nervous and worried at that very moment. So here’s an interesting read on how to spruce up your wedding and birthday celebrations, devised by the Best Caterers in Delhi for Wedding and Birthday Party.

Ice Cream Wagon: How about a mini-truck that has every flavour of ice cream once can only imagine? A separate corner with plenty of sources to clean up and avoid mishaps and you’re on! Gone are the days where Laddoo, Jalebi, Gajar Ka Halwa ruled the scene. Get a nice little fancy station where you can order a couple of tubs of ice-cream. An array of toppings – birthday cake pieces, cookie bits, chocolate chips, mixed fruit jam, candy bits, sprinkles, and more. Guests and children get to choose what they want. A great interactive point, eh? Get to know more about such fun points from the Best Caterers in Delhi for Wedding and Birthday Party.

Pocket Pizzas: For several decades now Pizza is a popular menu option be it a corporate or a house event. And it is a must on any birthday menu. Pocket Pizzas are compact, tasty and a great way to manage fussy or selective eaters. Having vegetarian and non-vegetarian options offers more flexibility with little wastage. Ensure to provide a variety of toppings though.

Veggie Platters: More and more individuals are becoming health-conscious post-pandemic era. And what better way than a birthday party or wedding party to offer your guests a wholesome meal choice? Vegetables can be cut into interesting shapes, presented as themes or even in the form of TV or cartoon characters! Fancy dips like mayo, mint chutney, tomato ketchup – to add to the taste and earn you loads of appreciation!

Meaty Treats: What’s the fun without some crispy and spicy non-vegetarian dishes? Make sure to include small, easy bite-sized starters such as fish fingers, chicken lollipops, cheesy meatballs etc. This way it fits your budget fills your guests’ appetite without you worrying over food wastage.

Bite-Sized Snacks: This is a great way to entertain light eaters or guests who have ailments like BP, CVD, Sugar etc. Mildly spiced and less oily delicacies like sandwiches, pita, rolls, wraps etc. can be served from time to time or arranged in a buffet form. Wide variety of fillings like cucumber mayo, chicken, egg, etc. are not just a pleasing sight but fulfilling for your guests as well!

Get in touch with us at The Famous Halwai and let us plan a unique and fun way to entertain your guests during birthdays and wedding celebrations in the family. We follow stringent food safety and hygiene guidelines as prescribed by WHO right from procurement to preparation and final presentation. We are renowned for our immaculate presentation, budget based platters and innovative food themes. Explore a wide variety of cuisines and taste palettes only from the Best Caterers in Delhi for Wedding and Birthday Party.

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