10 Food and Beverage Planning Tips For Events

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10 Food and Beverage Planning Tips For Events

Food is an important and integral part of any event. Be it guests at a wedding, loved ones at a birthday bash or personnel attending the corporate day, everyone looks forward to the delicious and heart-rending food and drinks the event has to offer. Being the leading caterers in India, The Famous Halwai brings you wonderful 10 food and beverage planning tips for events. These are versatile options that can go with any formal, informal, outdoor, patio or even indoor events.

Have your guests, friends and loved ones in complete awe of you with these 10 best tips. Read on for more!

Bento Boxes – It is a visual treat where you can present the event delicacies ina compartmentalized box, the Japanese way. Go contemporary by a mix and match of cuisines or go totally traditional with components like rice or noodles, sushi or fish, and chopped or pickled veggies.

Farm – To- Table – Organic and vegan meals are gaining popularity fast and vast! People are switching over to dishes made with regular and seasonal ingredients, fruits and vegetables that are locally grown with zero use of pesticides and fertilizers. Often deemed healthier and more environmental friendly, you can include them as a speciality menu.

Bite-Sized Snacks – Corporate events, birthdays, housewarming celebration or kitty party. Bite-sized snacks are here to stay. In addition to a great way of entertaining by a colourful and tasty presentation, these are the best options for guests who have ailments like BP, CVD, Sugar etc. and light-eaters. Experiment with fruits, vegetable, mayo and cheese fillings!

Pockets and Minis – Imagine pizzas, tacos, and sandwiches that fit in your pocket. Isn’t it exciting? Amp up the vibrance by using exotic varieties of vegetables, spices and condiments. Spruce up any event at home or office by including middle eastern cuisines such as pocket pita and hummus, and continental varieties such as chimichangas, crepes etc.

Rainbow Culture – Pique your guests’ curiosity and boost their taste buds with a rainbow culture platter. Motivate them to try something unique, new and entirely different from the foods they might have tasted until now. Mini-Tex Mex Chicken  Tacos, Chilled avocado and cucumber soup, Caramelized Onion-Cranberry Cream Cheese Bites, Baked Parmesan Tomatoes, Hummus stuffed mini-peppers are some ideas to start off with.

Go Smoothie – With health growing up to be a priority in event food catering, beverages are also undergoing tremendous transformations. A mix of fruits, veggies, oats, yoghurt, and “superfoods” like acai, chia, and hemp can make your smoothies not just delicious but nutritious as well.

Ice Coolers – These are a constant favourite with kids and adults alike. Time to move away from old-school mint coolers. Include vitamin-rich fruits like orange, lemons, tangerines, kiwis and grapefruits. Or you can go for more exotic and nutrients varieties such as berries and melons. Add a dash of mint and ginger for a pumped-up taste.

Being Booze-free – Let’s face it, healthy is the big buzz in food today. Jazz up your events and guests with booze-free cocktails. An expert mixologist knows exactly how to non-alcoholic specialty bar like a carnival spot.

Wines – Although non-alcoholic minibars and kiosks are trending, nothing can take away the charm of the sober & sophisticated wine. With varying alcohol & sugar levels to suit different taste buds, not to forget their famous anti-ageing and cardiovascular protective properties, they still have many takers. Make your events jollier with classic and fusion varieties of red and white wine.

Perfect Balance  – Guests and loved ones take their beverages very seriously, even if its less on sugar. Any event, be it formal or informal, indoors or outdoors – Hot beverages and juices are generally ordered by the gallon. Know your percentages well, almost 70% of attendees are known to consume coffee, 20% choose decaf coffee while 10% usually go for tea. In juices, 40% go for seasonal and exotic options. Make sure there’s enough beverage for everyone.

Hope these 10 Food and Beverage Planning Tips For Events proved much insightful. To turn any event into a grand gala, get in touch with us at The Famous Halwai.

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