Salt & Pepper Vegetable

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Salt & Pepper Vegetable is a great dish to cook up with leftover veggies! Quick and easy, Vegetable Salt and Pepper can be made as an appetizer or even a side dish for a dinner party. Assorted veggies dipped in a creamy batter and fried crisp makes a delicious dish that you just cannot resist.Offering you a complete choice of services which include Crispy Vegetables, Dragon Paneer (Dry), Veg Balls Manchurian (Dry), Baby Corn Salt and Pepper, Paneer and Mushroom.

Chinese food preparation has paid attention to aesthetic appearance. To have a bright, pleased and harmonious color is one of the main principles when cooking dishes.

To achieve this, add two or three ingredients with different colors are added as decoration to complement the main ingredient. Thus, it is not only the taste of the dishes that makes you amazed but also its aesthetic value.

Regarded as the soul of the Chinese dish, taste can be divided into five classes – sweet, sour, bitter, hot and salty. Seasoning such as soy sauce, sugar, vinegar and salt in proper amount and in different sequences, contribute to the taste of the dish. In the vast land of China, there are eating habits of ‘South-Sweet, North-Salty, East-Hot and West-Sour’ according to the different tastes of the people.

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