Rabdi Falooda

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A refreshing sweet dish recipe which is rich in flavours and is served with a spoon, Rabdi Falooda is a divine experience for anyone in scorching heat. … Made with mango jelly, falooda (vermicelli noodles), rabdi and rose syrup, this is a must try dessert recipe. Enjoy this tempting and luscious North Indian recipe!

India is a country for sweets and desserts, a place where desserts after dinner or lunch, are a must and make the meal complete. Desserts or sweets are the cherry topping of Indian culture. Be it a festival, a birthday or any other occasion worth celebrating, desserts and sweets will be the first thing on anyone’s mind, such as the love affair of this country with desserts and sweets.

So brace yourself for some unstoppable mouthwatering as The Famous Halwai  present to you the amazing Indian Cold  sweet dishes.

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